Department of Education

The Department of Education is a branch of the WA Government responsible for the education of all who are enrolled in schools, university etc. The Department of Education focuses on inspiring creativity, critical thinking and building resilience in every student to confidently embrace the opportunities of new industries and technologies.

Project Scope

A college regulated by the Department of Education contacted Safetec regarding support and guidance with change due to industry quality OSH and management processes which was set out as a requirement by management of Department of Education.

Inspections and audits

We conducted full inspections for every classroom within the site which consisted of over 100 active classrooms and 50 active offices. We conducted a gap analysis within every room to identify gaps and non-compliances within the system and practice.

Our team conducted SDS audits to ensure SDS sheets corresponded with hazardous substances used within the environment, ensured that electrical devices were up-to-date and tagged accordingly, ensured any other hazards were identified and reported as required. We then developed a thorough report outlining actions that required attention and conducted a thorough meeting explaining the findings and the next step forward.

Incident investigation

During our inspections throughout the site, the staff were very pleased with our work and asked us to conduct an incident investigation on a chemical exposure within the atmosphere which was caused by broken particles of mercury. 

We systematically conducted the investigation by firstly conducting an incident investigation form which was assessed and approved by the manager. We then conducted the incident investigation using the Ishkawa fishbone method to evaluate various cases using PEEPO (People, Environment Equipment, Procedure, and Organisation). In addition, we also used a timeline to determine the timeline of events leading up to the incident as well as post incident, to further evaluate the root cause of. the incident.

Following the incident investigation, we developed and delivered a thorough incident investigation report outlining teh summary,purpose, methodology, findings and recommendations, summary and supporting appendices. The staff of the site were extremely pleasedwith the thorough, detailed and high qaulity presentation of the report along with the simple explaination of each section and the thought process behind it.

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