WHS Packages

Our leading health & safety solutions have continuously expanded through our dedication in hiring and utilising the best talent around.

We’re here to make your health and safety journey the easiest it’s ever been.

Fulfilling your WHS obligations has never been less stressful. You can trust us with the big picture – and the small details. Get in touch with one of our safety specialists to understand how you can make WHS effortless within your business.

Tailored HSEQ Packages

Whether you’re seeking to review safety documentation, conduct periodic inspections and audits, or embark on a complete HSEQ transformation, Safetec has got you covered. We recognise that one size does not fit all, and we customise proactive monthly HSEQ packages which are designed to be adaptable to your specific HSEQ requirements (weather you are starting from scratch, or you already have HSEQ resources).

How our HSEQ Packages work?

Picture this… Imagine having a dedicated HSEQ specialist within your organization, providing ongoing support for your HSEQ efforts and integrating seamlessly as part of your team. Supported by a comprehensive HSEQ department, your organization can achieve similar outcomes to having a full-time HSEQ employee. Additionally, this approach allows for a much clearer and more manageable HSEQ budget that can be easily incorporated into company expenses and project budgets.

Now, picture this without the hefty price tag. That’s exactly what our value-packed Tailored HSEQ Packages bring to the table, making it a no-brainer for businesses big or small.

How do our packages bring value to you?

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