Contatore Engineering

Contatore Engineering is established as a reputable manufacturer, repairer and supplier of earthmoving products to the mining and earthmoving industries. With countless years of experience, Contatore Engineering prides itself on attention to detail.

Project scope

Contatore Engineering required safety assistance and the conduct of a full scale Risk Assessment of their manufacturing site to maintain compliance and safety.

Risk Assessment

Contatore Engineering required a full scale Risk Assessment of their manufacturing facility which included all vehicles and mobile plants, equipment used, chemical storage and use, welding facilities and other hot work facilities, assembly lines, delivery and dispatch areas, repair lines.

We conducted the Risk Assessment with liaison with their Safety Officer. We talked them through the process outlining how the Risk Assessment will be conducted and what areas we will require access to. In addition, we explained the spreadsheet we created and which columns correspond to certain hazards, actions, risk matrix ect. We added in calculations which will make it easier for employees to update the Risk Assessment in the future which was extremely appreciated on behalf of there employees. Making the Risk Assessment user-friendly and accessible allowed for hazards to be easily identified in a quick and simple manner without having to spend hours working out how the system works.

We conducted the risk assessment identifying points of improvement and positive aspects. In addition to our Risk Assessment, we provided guidance on certain chemical and mobile plants aspects which may pose a hazard in the future. We did the additional service free of charge because we strongly believed in conducting safety the right way and providing the up-most due diligence to the client.

Contatore Engineering was extremely pleased with the outcome and have stated that they would recommend using our services again in the future.

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