Enhanced Package

Make WHS effortless all while locking in that serious ROI, through a 180 degree level of ongoing safety support.

Providing ongoing WHS support is paramount to continual improvement and can be achieved by input from WHS specialists like us.

With the Enhanced Package, we assist in establishing and maintaining WHS within a growing business, establishing frameworks and accelerating business productivity and efficiency. Providing a 180 degree level of safety support.

Our Value to You

We provide ongoing support for a minimum of 12 months, where we start seeing major results with an increase in workplace efficiency. 

The enhanced package is perfect for businesses who may not require full WHS support but are willing to still put in work, to grow WHS within the business. It is great for businesses who are small but growing and are not yet established. The enhanced package focuses on 2-4 sections per month as per our Retainer model framework.

Get in touch with one of our safety consulting specialists to see which package is right for you.

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Our safety specialists all have an abundance of safety knowledge and experience and provide anything and everything WHS to exceed your expectations.