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We're here to make your HSEQ journey the easiest it's ever been. Fulfilling your WHS obligations has never been less stressful. You can trust us with the big picture - and the small details.

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Get More Done

With clients across the nation, we deliver only the most effective and sustainable HSEQ solutions - because, for us, integrated business efficiency within HSEQ is the only way to accelerate productivity while minimising risk.

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The Power of WHS

Make safety synonymous with productivity and efficiency. Experience the benefits of integrating HSEQ deep into your business practices, making WHS productivity burdens a thing of the past.

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WHS Prevention

Elevate Your WHS Efforts with Our Results-Driven Workplace Safety Consulting Services. Our experienced workplace safety management consultants are dedicated to fine-tuning your HSEQ strategy, ensuring every aspect is not just compliant but also optimised for value.

As we expertly navigate the complexities, you’re empowered to channel your energy into honing your core operations. Unburdened and equipped, success becomes your path forward.

WHS Intervention

Time is precious, and we understand how it can slip away, leaving you uneasy…

Whether it’s investigating incidents, managing injuries, or conducting drug and alcohol testing, our dedicated workplace safety management consultants are your partners in regaining control. We’ll eliminate the guesswork, so you can enjoy peace of mind and more time for what you do best.

WHS Development

Revitalise Learning, Ignite Your Health and Safety Journey!

Our training sessions are not just educational; they’re an immersive experience that breathes life into your safety narrative. Designed for today’s workforce, we offer both digital and face-to-face options, spiced up with gamification and compelling storytelling.

Let’s make learning an adventure together!

Workplace Safety Consulting Services Made Simple

At Safetec Safety Solutions, we’re here to take the complexity out of health and safety. Our goal is to create healthier, safer, and more sustainable work environments – without the hassle.

With national recognition, our dedicated team help worksites across Australia achieve their Work Health and Safety obligations through our first-class Workplace safety consulting services. The best part? We specialise in making it simple, seamless and stress free.

Training Paperwork
Department of Education

Department of Education

A college regulated by the Department of Education contacted Safetec regarding industry quality OSH and management processes.

Workplace Safety Consulting Services conducted in a manufacturing facility which includes welding and fabrication of machinery equipment
contatore engineering

Contatore Engineering

Contatore Engineering is established as a reputable manufacturer, repairer and supplier of earthmoving products.

Why Choose Us

Tailored HSEQ Solutions

Elevate your safety game with our practical yet cutting-edge work health and safety consulting services. We’re the perfect blend of innovation and experience, helping you navigate the complex safety landscape with confidence. Our tailored solutions don’t just meet industry standards; they set new benchmarks, ensuring safety success that’s as forward-thinking as it is effective.

Value-Driven Capabilities

At the heart of our workplace safety consulting services is a commitment to delivering high value. 

We don’t just tick boxes; we unlock untapped potential within your organisation, ensuring every investment in safety translates into tangible benefits for your bottom line.

Expertise & Proficiency

Choose us for unparalleled workplace safety consulting services and expertise which transforms mere compliance into a journey toward excellence.

With our data-driven insights and innovative strategies, we not only safeguard your team but also drive efficiency and profitability, making sure your bottom line thrives as your safety culture evolves.

What Our Clients Say

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Our safety specialists all have an abundance of safety knowledge and experience and provide anything and everything WHS to exceed your expectations.